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Best Foods For Weight Loss

carrotcircleA skinny body can be a healthy body when the right foods to promote weight loss are on the menu. Are you looking for the best foods for weight loss? Increased energy from healthy fruits, vegetables, and protein sources help the active person stay on target and avoid binging on less healthy choices.

Losing weight can be as simple as substituting a calorie dense choice for a low calorie option. Vegetables that have a high water content such

as spinach, lettuce, and cucumbers can be eaten in large quantities and serve as a great base for salads.


Successful weight loss does not mean fruit is off the menu. Grapefruit is a good addition to any healthy diet. It is almost 90% water and known to help burn fat. Blueberries and strawberries are not only nutrient rich, but are perfect sources of fiber. Include some melon slices for a wonderful fruit salad.


Bloating caused by constipation can cause those numbers to creep up on the scale. Adding oatmeal and bran to your meal choices can relieve constipation, keep the bowels healthy, and process nutrients more efficiently. Leaving the skin on apples and pears will also add needed fiber.


No healthy diet is complete without adequate protein. There are healthy sources of protein that are low in fat and cholesterol. Pinto, black, and kidney beans are excellent  choices that are low in fat and high in fiber. Beans are great additions in everything from soups to salads.


Nuts are not only ideal protein sources but add the fiber and healthy fats that the body needs to feel satisfied. Eaten in small quantities they can be a quick on the go snack or a crunchy salad topping. Try them in oatmeal for a filling breakfast treat.


Tofu is an alternative as a healthier protein. Tofu, which used to be only available in the local health food store, is now available at most supermarkets. Tofu can be stir fried and added with mixed vegetables or cubed and added to spicy soups. Tempeh, which is a fermented type of tofu, can be added to chili beans and seasoning for a superb vegetarian chili, or crumbled to make a delicious veggie burger.


For optimal weight loss, the use of egg whites cannot be beat. Eggs are at their healthiest without their yolks and taste delicious boiled, fried in fat free spray, or scrambled in an egg white omelet with fresh peppers and onions. Most recipes that use whole eggs include adjustments to use only egg whites.

Including these foods in any diet plan will produce a lean, healthy body with greater energy and the ability to stay youthful. The numbers on the scale and the reflection in the mirror will prove it.

Extreme Dieting Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Most people choose to lose weight once they take a look in the mirror and are unhappy with the person staring back at them. Balancing a healthy lifestyle by properly


initiating an exercise regimen and a balanced diet can bring your fit, skinny body back. However, often times an individual is impatient with the gradual results of a healthy method and look for faster ways to make weight loss happen.

Extreme dieting can cause some negative effects on your body beyond just your metabolic rate. There are consequences that can have devastating effects on your health and fitness and even threaten your life. These negative effects can even reach into psychological degradation. Physically, it can cause you to be tired all the time. It can also be distracting to battle hunger pangs all the time making it hard for you to concentrate. Sinus issues, red eyes, the appearance of rashes, gallbladder damage, and atrophy of your muscle tissue, fainting, seizures and malnutrition are just a few physical issues that are in a long list of problems associated with undertaking an unhealthy approach. Psychologically you will likely experience irritability, depression,

a decrease in your sex drive, and are at a higher risk for developing an eating disorder.

Fasting or Starvation

Fasting involves abstaining from eating or nearly doing so. There is a misguided logic when considering this type. The individual thinks that this extreme form will force your body to lose weight and it will maintain the lower need for food and calories. In reality, it will tell your body to slow down your metabolism because of the lack of food. This in turn will cause greater and faster weight gain once normal eating habits are put back into place.


Weight loss pills offer a get thin quick dream in a bottle that feeds on your insecurities. Most often times these pills are loaded with nothing more than caffeine and diuretics. This in turn can lead to an electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. These pills may also lure you in with labels of natural ingredients. However, that does not make it effective or healthy.

Detox and Cleansing

Our bodies are perfectly efficient at detoxifying itself. When you tamper with its system, you run the risk of serious complications such as dehydration, constipation, or an electrolyte imbalance. Any drop in the scale is likely due to extreme fluid loss not weight. If you combine a detox with fasting, you are actually putting your life at risk. Instead, drink plenty of fluids and add fiber to your diet.


Purging refers to throwing up food, not swallowing, or using a laxative to flush it from your body. This can also cause dehydration. Even more dangerous, it can cause cardiac problems, esophageal erosion, tooth damage, as well as psychological issues such as anorexia.

Instead of permanently damaging your body and mind, look to healthy methods for losing weight. If you need help, a dietician can guide you physically and a psychologist can help with mental aspects.


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Side Effects of Being Overweight

The more overweight an individual is, the more likely that person is to have health problems. The physical condition of a person declines the more weight the person is carrying. Individuals develop heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and different kinds of cancers, and high blood pressure all from having 20 or more extra pounds. Overweight people develop sleep apnea, which is when the persons breathing is interrupted while sleeping, and some may develop osteoarthritis, which is the thinning and wearing of the joints. Obesity can cause gout, which is too much uric acid in the joints, and makes joints painful and swell. Gallbladder diseases are also contributed to the extra weight that people carry. Many people have problems reducing to a skinny body, but losing even 10 to 20 pounds could improve a person’s well-being.

Obesity waist

High blood pressure is a major threat factor for both strokes and heart disease that people develop from being heavy. Obesity is also linked to triglycerides, which are high blood fats and high levels of cholesterol. These factors can also lead to heart diseases. Having extra weight can also lead to chest pains due to a lower rate of oxygen going to the heart. Angina is another problem with heavy people, and overweight people can suffer from sudden heart attacks and death without any symptoms or warnings.

Chances of developing a stroke or heart disease can be lessened if people lose just a small amount of weight. Losing 10 percent of your body weight can increase the blood flow to the heart, improve your blood pressure and levels of triglycerides and blood cholesterol. Adding some exercise every day like walking a block or two or some floor exercises will also improve the body functions.

Individuals can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes with an increase in physical activity and a better diet. Type 2 diabetes is the most common diabetes, and it lessens the body’s capability to control the blood sugar in the body. Type 2 diabetes is a major cause of strokes, blindness, kidney and heart disease. It can also cause an early death in people who are overweight.

Several different types of cancer have been linked to people who are heavy. Heavy men are more likely to develop cancer in the prostate, colon and rectum. Heavy women develop cancer in the cervix, ovary, gallbladder, breast and colon. However, it is not conclusive that colon or breast cancer is linked to extra body weight or a high calorie and fat diet.

Osteoarthritis affects the hips, knees and lower back joints of the body. The extra weight causes inflammation and the wearing down of the tissues that cushion the joints. Osteoarthritis can become extremely painful and interfere with a person’s way of life.

A healthy diet and making physical activity a daily routine may not give you a skinny body, but it will improve you way of life. Losing a pound or two a week is much healthier, than losing a lot of weight to fast. When people lose weight fast they are more apt to possibly lose muscle as opposed to fat.

Lose Weight ~ Receive Gold

Here’s an innovative way to lose weight, move to Dubai. This city for the wealthy in the Middle East, which has huge hotels, islands shaped like countries, and indoor ski resorts, is now offering a special deal.

Get Paid in Gold


Dubai is now offering to pay gold to its citizens who lose weight. Dieters will receive one gram of gold with every kilogram that they lose. A kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds. Weight losers have one month to achieve a skinny body and become rich.

How Much Can You Make?

Just think, if you lose 110 pounds, you would receive 50 grams of gold. A 50 gram gold bar sells for over $2,000. Not a bad incentive. Two kilograms is the minimum weight loss in order to get paid. Even if you lose only two kilograms (4.4 pounds) for the entire month, you would get about $80 worth of gold. Still not a bad incentive.

Great Incentive

I think if I could get paid about $18 for every pound I lost, I think I could lose quite a bit within a month.

Green Tea Weight Loss

Green tea is a natural substance derived from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Unlike other teas produced from this plant, namely black and oolong tea, green leaves are left unfermented. Keeping the leaves in their natural state minimizes any oxidation that occurs during processing and allows the tea to retain its unique polyphenols, or natural chemicals, which are known as catechins. Of the many available, the tea’s most powerful and plentiful catechin is one known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCg.

Green tea

While catechins provide a wide range of health benefits, their most interesting benefit is their ability to stimulate weight loss and possibly create a skinny body. Recently, researchers from the Chinese Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, Peking University and Kao Corporation teamed up to determine the effects of regular catechin consumption on adults with moderate to large amounts of abdominal fat. During the 12-week study, 118 Chinese adults were broken into two groups, with one receiving a daily catechin-fortified beverage and the other consuming a control beverage. After 12 weeks, the adults who consumed the catechin-fortified beverage lost significant amounts of abdominal fat as well as overall body fat when compared to the control group. In this case, neither group was asked to exercise or change their daily diet. However, doing so can greatly increase the effects of catechin-rich tea.

The effectiveness of consuming catechin-rich tea or extract is believed to be due to the chemical’s ability to enhance metabolic function. EGCg and other catechins enhance thermogenesis in visceral fat and increase lipid oxidation. These functions help users burn existing body fat, especially around the abdominal region, while preventing further fat storage.

In addition to helping dieters achieve the skinny body they have always wanted, tea offers numerous other benefits that support optimal health. Catechins are not only effective fat burners; they also work as potent anticancer and anti-inflammatory agents. These natural chemicals, as well as the tea’s other enzymes and antioxidants, are known to lower cholesterol, support heart health, prevent diabetes and promote healthy brain function. These benefits make green tea an effective way to enhance weight loss efforts, get rid of unwanted body fat and improve overall health.


Weight Loss Improves Memory

According to a study done at at Umea University in Umea, Sweden, overweight woman who lose weight end up with improved memory. The research, which was published by The Endocrine Society, showed that impairments in memory function can be reversed in obese patients.

The Weight Loss Study


The study utilized twenty overweight women and had nine women u

se the Paleolithic diet, also called the Caveman diet, and the other eleven women used the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.

The Results

The subjects’ average weight dropped from 188.9 pounds to 171.3 pounds and memory performance improved after weight loss.

Chocolate May Keep You Slim

All right, you like to eat chocolate, make that LOVE to eat chocolate, but you are concerned about your figure. Well, maybe you need not be concerned any more. Fortunately for you, researchers at the University of California at San Diego discovered that people who ate lots of chocolate tended to be slimmer than those who ate less chocolate.


Researchers believe that the results of the study may be due to the fact that chocolate ingredients may favor weight loss more than fat creation. According to the study, which was published in Archives of Internal Medicine, there was a correlation between regular chocolate consumption and lower BMI.

Beer May Provide Weight Loss

In a recent article in ScienceDaily, it described how moderate beer consumption could have beneficial effects on diabetes, some forms of cancer, and may provide weight loss.



The humulone molecules produced from hops in the brewing process are what provide the health benefits. Several pharmaceutical companies are researching was to convert these humulones to drugs to treat various illnesses.

Coffee Beans Help With Weight Loss: Good News You’ve Been Waiting For

Here is some great news for coffee drinkers interested in losing weight. According to a recent study presented at the American Chemical Society’s meeting in San Diego, participants in the study who took unroasted, green coffee bean extract lost in excess of 10% of their body weight on average, in less than six month. Please note: that’s not ten pounds, that’s ten percent. So for someone weighing 150 pounds, that’s a 15 pound loss. For someone who weighs 250 pounds, it is a 25 pound loss.

Coffee cup

The study analyzed 16 overweight adults between the ages of 22 to 46 years of age. The average weight loss was 17 pounds with a 16 percent decrease in body fat, with no side effects. Researchers at the University of Scranton believe that it may be due to the chlorogenic acid in the unroasted coffee bean. Unfortunately, roasted coffee has much less of this ingredient than unroasted coffee.