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businessladystandingBystockimagesID-100171478In these contemporary times, the health and fitness industries are booming as more and more people seek instruction on how to optimize their wellness. Although there are a wide variety of strategies that you can implement to make this happen, changing the way you work can play an integral role in ensuring that you are healthy. Specifically, studies are now indicating that standing while you work may be a great way to keep you in good health. By learning more about why standing at work can provide you with great health benefits, you can determine whether or not you should stop sitting while in your office.

Why Standing At Work Can Be Helpful

In a telling article which appeared in The Economist on August 10th, readers learned that standing at work can provide health benefits for a simple reason: prolonged periods of inactivity are bad for us. This means that sedentary activity-such as sitting at a desk for several hours-could be a contributing factor to the decline of one’s health. To

counteract this potential problem, individuals interested in maximizing opportunities for preventive health care should consider standing as they work.

An Important Study Regarding The Benefits Of Standing At Work

In addition to pointing out why standing at work can be a great health benefit for people, the article that appeared in The Economist cited information from an important study on the matter. In the study, which was published through the Lancet in 1953, researchers discovered that bus conductors who spent their work shifts standing had half the risk of developing a heart attack as bus drivers. This research is significant given that the bus drivers which the research references spent their shifts sitting. Despite the fact that the health benefits of even mild forms of exercise gained prevalence during the 1970s, however, researcher David Dunstan stated that interest in these positive effects waned. This, as many fitness experts would argue, is a shame on account of the fact that even mild physical activity can be a catalyst for weight loss in addition to the maintenance of one’s health.


While there are many ways that an individual can improve the quality of her or his health, standing at work is a clearly effective way to do so. Thus rather than remaining sedentary during your next shift at work, consider how you can rearrange the furniture and work tools in your office so that your environment is conducive to standing. Good luck!

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