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Do Negative Calorie Foods Really Exist?

Are you looking for foods that can cause you to lose weight just by eating them? Are there really negative foods? The answer is surprisingly yes. However, clarification is needed on the calories burned related to the consumption of the food.

Let’s use an example of a very low calorie food, celery. Just the digesting of celery does not burn enough calories to exceed the few calories contained in celery.

However, few people just pull off a stalk and start munching on it. Most consumers pull off the stalks, wash them, cut them in pieces, maybe sprinkle a little salt on it, chew on the stalk thoroughly, then finally digest it. When you add all this activity up, the calorie burn exceeds the calories consumed.

Think of other very low calorie foods, and the activities involved in preparation, such as cutting up cucumbers, or cutting up or tearing lettuce.

Of course, ice water is the purest (no pun intended) negative calorie food as it contains no calories whatsoever but your body burns calories digesting and warming the water.

Another food that falls into the zero calorie / negative calorie food category are shirataki noodles which are created from the  konjac yam. These noodles have an extremely low calorie count and when you consider the preparation calorie burn in addition to eating and digestion, the calories are eliminated.

The following is a list of foods with no or very low calories:

ice water
shirataki noodles
kelp noodles
taro shoots