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Finding the Best Healthy Diet


For so many people, losing weight is a primary concern. Many of us are so concerned with getting the perfect skinny body that we’re willing to do almost anything to get it. Anything, that is, except eat healthy and exercise. However, losing weight and looking great doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep reading to discover how to make a healthy diet work for you.

Eat Foods You Enjoy

The best healthy diet is one that includes foods you actually enjoy eating. For example, if you enjoy meat, vowing to become a vegetarian probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, choose lean cuts of meat and prepare them in healthy ways like grilling or baking. Plus, even the most unhealthy meals can be prepared so that nutrition is increased and fat and calories are reduced. The following tips can help slash fat and calories from popular unhealthy dishes:

  • Switch to whole grain pasta for spaghetti and other pasta dishes.
  • For pizza lovers, thin crusts made with fortified whole grains can boost nutrition and reduce fat and calories. Also, try loading your plate with fresh veggies instead of the traditional processed meats and cheeses.
  • Grilled veggie burgers are a great alternative to fast food cheeseburgers. Plus, they’re easy to make! Simply combine bread crumbs and veggies in a food processor, shape into patties and grill.
  • Instead of munching on potato chips and other processed snacks, try baked veggie chips, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. These snacks are healthy, filling and provide advantages like energy boosts, improved focus and more.
  • For dessert, low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit will cure a sweet tooth just as well as baked goods.


When formulating a meal plan, balance is essential. Therefore, it’s important to stay away from diets that focus on the consumption of certain foods and the elimination of others. While these diets often produce the desired effect of weight loss, they are notoriously difficult to stick to and many often lead to nutrient deficiencies and other potentially harmful complications. Instead of completely avoiding certain foods or food groups, choose healthy foods from all food groups and eat in moderation. This will help ensure diversity, prevent boredom, reduce cravings and boost the odds of weight loss success. One great way to ensure balance, as well boost vitamin and mineral intake, is to eat foods of all different colors, textures and flavors.

See? Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. With the tips provides here, you can lose weight, feel great and build a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy choices!

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Extreme Dieting Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Most people choose to lose weight once they take a look in the mirror and are unhappy with the person staring back at them. Balancing a healthy lifestyle by properly


initiating an exercise regimen and a balanced diet can bring your fit, skinny body back. However, often times an individual is impatient with the gradual results of a healthy method and look for faster ways to make weight loss happen.

Extreme dieting can cause some negative effects on your body beyond just your metabolic rate. There are consequences that can have devastating effects on your health and fitness and even threaten your life. These negative effects can even reach into psychological degradation. Physically, it can cause you to be tired all the time. It can also be distracting to battle hunger pangs all the time making it hard for you to concentrate. Sinus issues, red eyes, the appearance of rashes, gallbladder damage, and atrophy of your muscle tissue, fainting, seizures and malnutrition are just a few physical issues that are in a long list of problems associated with undertaking an unhealthy approach. Psychologically you will likely experience irritability, depression,

a decrease in your sex drive, and are at a higher risk for developing an eating disorder.

Fasting or Starvation

Fasting involves abstaining from eating or nearly doing so. There is a misguided logic when considering this type. The individual thinks that this extreme form will force your body to lose weight and it will maintain the lower need for food and calories. In reality, it will tell your body to slow down your metabolism because of the lack of food. This in turn will cause greater and faster weight gain once normal eating habits are put back into place.


Weight loss pills offer a get thin quick dream in a bottle that feeds on your insecurities. Most often times these pills are loaded with nothing more than caffeine and diuretics. This in turn can lead to an electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. These pills may also lure you in with labels of natural ingredients. However, that does not make it effective or healthy.

Detox and Cleansing

Our bodies are perfectly efficient at detoxifying itself. When you tamper with its system, you run the risk of serious complications such as dehydration, constipation, or an electrolyte imbalance. Any drop in the scale is likely due to extreme fluid loss not weight. If you combine a detox with fasting, you are actually putting your life at risk. Instead, drink plenty of fluids and add fiber to your diet.


Purging refers to throwing up food, not swallowing, or using a laxative to flush it from your body. This can also cause dehydration. Even more dangerous, it can cause cardiac problems, esophageal erosion, tooth damage, as well as psychological issues such as anorexia.

Instead of permanently damaging your body and mind, look to healthy methods for losing weight. If you need help, a dietician can guide you physically and a psychologist can help with mental aspects.


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