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Best Foods For Weight Loss

carrotcircleA skinny body can be a healthy body when the right foods to promote weight loss are on the menu. Are you looking for the best foods for weight loss? Increased energy from healthy fruits, vegetables, and protein sources help the active person stay on target and avoid binging on less healthy choices.

Losing weight can be as simple as substituting a calorie dense choice for a low calorie option. Vegetables that have a high water content such

as spinach, lettuce, and cucumbers can be eaten in large quantities and serve as a great base for salads.


Successful weight loss does not mean fruit is off the menu. Grapefruit is a good addition to any healthy diet. It is almost 90% water and known to help burn fat. Blueberries and strawberries are not only nutrient rich, but are perfect sources of fiber. Include some melon slices for a wonderful fruit salad.


Bloating caused by constipation can cause those numbers to creep up on the scale. Adding oatmeal and bran to your meal choices can relieve constipation, keep the bowels healthy, and process nutrients more efficiently. Leaving the skin on apples and pears will also add needed fiber.


No healthy diet is complete without adequate protein. There are healthy sources of protein that are low in fat and cholesterol. Pinto, black, and kidney beans are excellent  choices that are low in fat and high in fiber. Beans are great additions in everything from soups to salads.


Nuts are not only ideal protein sources but add the fiber and healthy fats that the body needs to feel satisfied. Eaten in small quantities they can be a quick on the go snack or a crunchy salad topping. Try them in oatmeal for a filling breakfast treat.


Tofu is an alternative as a healthier protein. Tofu, which used to be only available in the local health food store, is now available at most supermarkets. Tofu can be stir fried and added with mixed vegetables or cubed and added to spicy soups. Tempeh, which is a fermented type of tofu, can be added to chili beans and seasoning for a superb vegetarian chili, or crumbled to make a delicious veggie burger.


For optimal weight loss, the use of egg whites cannot be beat. Eggs are at their healthiest without their yolks and taste delicious boiled, fried in fat free spray, or scrambled in an egg white omelet with fresh peppers and onions. Most recipes that use whole eggs include adjustments to use only egg whites.

Including these foods in any diet plan will produce a lean, healthy body with greater energy and the ability to stay youthful. The numbers on the scale and the reflection in the mirror will prove it.